Mahogany kitchen knife by Svord made in Waiuku, Aotearoa

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This large kitchen knife has a carbon steel blade and mahogany handle. A great all purpose knife to keep in the kitchen, use for vegetables, fish and meat. Made by Svord in Waiuku, Aotearoa. 

34cm with 20.5cm blade

Caring for your knife

Never wash your knife in a dishwasher.
Never leave this knife wet or in water at any time or the blade will tarnish.
Always cut food on a chopping board and not directly on a stainless steel bench top or other hard surface.
To wash your knife, run it under hot water. 
To sharpen your knife we recommend abrasive sharpeners such as a steel or a stone, traditional oil stone, India stone or Arkansas stone.
Store your knife in a knife block or in a drawer separate from other cutlery to avoid it being damaged. 

    Sharpening your knife

    Precision knife sharpening is easy after some practice, here are some tips to create the best cutting edge for your Svord kitchen knife.

    Take the knife in your usual working hand, lay the cutting edge at an angle of 10-20 degrees to the stone, using the fingers on your free hand to apply mild pressure to the blade.

    Draw the knife blade across the stone as if slicing from the haft to the point. Turn the knife over and treat the other side in the same manner. Between 10 and 15 long strokes to both sides of the knife blade should produce a very sharp durable edge, provided that the correct angle and even finger pressure on the blade is maintained throughout the operation. Test the knife for sharpness by slicing a newspaper page - the cut should be easy and no catching or ripping should occur. Look at the cutting edge of the steel blade under a bright light: dull blade edges should be visible and shiny. If the tests fail - back to the stone.

    Once you have mastered the method, you will find that your knives will hold an amazing cutting edge, and you will have an utterly dependable blade which will serve you faithfully for a lifetime.

    About Svord

    Bryan Baker, master cutler, started his knife-making company from necessity in 1983. Made redundant by the untimely demise of an engineering firm, the 18 year old decided to turn a hobby making knives into a practical business making a variety of high quality kitchen and outdoor knives at a reasonable price. Staring small, Svord has grown its range of knives over the years and sells to many countries worldwide. The combination of quality Swedish cutlery steel and Baker's process for heat treating and tempering produces the best cutting blades.

    Today, the Svord brand is chosen around the world by food-lovers, chefs, campers and hunters alike.


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