About Frances Nation

Frances Nation Home and Frances Nation Grocer are located in The Old Boys High Building at the Arts Centre in central Christchurch, Aotearoa. Our upstairs shop Frances Nation Home showcases New Zealand-made homewares, while downstairs Frances Nation Grocer offers coffee and a bite to eat alongside specialty food from around Aotearoa.  

The shops were created by Tessa Peach, who named the stores after her grandmother. Olivia Chamberlain is the manager of Frances Nation Home and Tom Worthington is the manager of Frances Nation Grocer.

At Frances Nation we care about the social aspect of retail, particularly how trading local goods enables us to connect with our community and environment. We love to help people find gifts for friends and family, pieces that will delight, are genuinely useful and of good quality and, if coming from the grocer, really delicious! 

Thank you for supporting our small business and New Zealand-made products.

Read more about each shop below. 

Frances Nation Home

Frances Nation Home offers a collection of useful, quality New Zealand-made goods, from tool boxes to hand-thrown ceramics and hand-forged fire pokers. The makers we work with are dedicated to their particular craft or industry – most do one thing, and one thing well. There is a rich diversity of excellent design and artisanal craft in Aotearoa, which Frances Nation champions.

When choosing what to stock at Frances Nation Home, we look over every aspect of an object’s design. It should not just look or feel good, but also work well and use sound materials fit for purpose and longevity. We believe in thoughtful purchases that reduce consumption in the long term.

Tom at Frances Nation Grocer

Frances Nation Grocer

Frances Nation Grocer is located on ground floor of the Arts Centre at 28 Worcester Street. The grocer stocks specialty food from around Aotearoa, including freshly baked bread and pastries, organic takeaway coffee, raw honey, jams, vinegars and oils and cheese. Occasionally fresh seasonal goods such as stone fruit, flower bulbs and braided garlic arrive in the shop. We offer a selection of North Canterbury wines to take away from some of our region's best, including The Bone Line, Black Estate, Georges Road, Pegasus Bay, Greystone, Muddy Water, Bryterlater, Hermit Ram, Vita Wines and more.

You can find a curated selection of our grocery items available under the section Grocer