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Frances Nation is a small upstairs shop located at the Arts Centre in central Christchurch, New Zealand. The shop opened in October 2017 and is owned and run by me - Tessa Peach. The shop is named after my grandmother as a nod to a generation who made things to last. 

The collection focuses on New Zealand-made items of use, good design and quality craftsmanship. There is an incredibly high level of workmanship going on in New Zealand and I want to celebrate and share what I’m finding with others. 

I'm interested in the social aspect of retail. Particularly how trading local goods enables us to connect to our community and our sense of place. 

I showcase a collection of quality New Zealand-made useful goods, from tool boxes to hand thrown ceramics to hand forged fire pokersThe makers I work with are super dedicated to their particular craft or industry - they do one thing and one thing well.


When choosing what to present at Frances Nation I look over every aspect of an object’s design. It should not simply look and feel good but also work well and use quality materials fit for purpose and longevity. 


Because NZ-made kitchen-ware is a large part of our range we also stock a pantry of local foods such as organic coffee, tea, jams, bottled fruits and so on. Occasionally fresh seasonal goods such as flower bulbs, native plants, braided garlic etc arrive in the shop. 


Gifting is an important aspect of our culture and I enjoy helping people find gifts for their friends and family that are genuinely helpful and of good quality.
We post around the world and offer free delivery to all of New Zealand. Thank you for supporting small business and NZ-made. Enjoy browsing the shop and spread the word!