Who made all the pies? by Wendy Morgan

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The ultimate collection of pastry treats for every kiwi household.

This brand-new collection has been put together by a pie expert who has lived and breathed pies her whole life! From the traditional Kiwi favourite (mince and cheese) to the more exotic (lamb and minted pea pie) to something for the vegetarians (cauliflower tart) to something for the sweet-tooths (choc orange tart) this cookbook is pure comfort food and it's got something for everyone.

Author Wendy Morgan is a qualified chef and Cordon Bleu cook who has worked in the food industry for 35+ years. Along with her husband, Rex Morgan, who is also a chef they owned a very successful restaurant in Wellington, Citron, for several years. They also owned a deli, Plentifull, for five years and spent the last 5 years creating ready meals for Moore Wilson's in Wellington. Despite contributing to many collaborative books and various publications over the years, Who Made All the Pies? is her first solo cookbook.

Softcover, 192 pages, 24.5 x 17cm, published June 2023.

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