Waste not want not by Sarah Burtscher

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Waste not want not by Sarah Burtscher

Waste not want not is a cook book based on the top 10 foods thrown out in NZ. With 1.7 billion dollars of food wasted every year, this book brings the general household 80 delicious recipes and 40 plus tips and tricks on how to stop wasting food.

Sarah has lived on a fairly remote High Country Station with a four hour round trip to a large supermarket, so she is used to making do with what you have, when need be. This is where the hacks not to throw food out, the planning and 'cleaning out the fridge,' came into play.

Sarah says, "With remote living you are totally responsible for all your own rubbish. The more I looked into it, the more I came to realise that the food waste statistics are shocking, some people just don't know how to utilise their grocery shop to the full. In Waste not want not there are (mostly) recipes to show you how older, forgotten food can be made into delicious home cooked meals. You don't need to be a good cook, you don't need fancy ingredients, you can just make do and cook on."

Hardback, 203 pages. 

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