Reconnecting Aotearoa edited by Kathy Errington and Holly Walker

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In the wake of Covid-19, this timely edited collection emphasises the importance of nurturing and fortifying emotional, social and societal connections in contemporary Aotearoa. Recognising the pandemic’s isolating nature, this Text highlights the vital role of these connections for overall wellbeing and identifies areas where these bonds have weakened or vanished.

By combining first-person narratives, journalism and research, Reconnecting Aotearoa explores the profound impact of strong connections and the consequences of loneliness and disconnection. Through poignant personal accounts and compelling evidence, this work advocates for transformative change within Aotearoa’s unique social, cultural and political landscape, to foster a more connected and resilient society in the aftermath of the pandemic.

BWB Texts are short books on big subjects by great New Zealand writers. Spanning contemporary issues, history and memoir, new BWB Texts are released regularly, and the series now amounts to well over fifty works.

Paperback, published November 2023.