Native Birds of Aotearoa by Michael Szabo

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Te Papa Te Taiao Nature Series: Native Birds of Aotearoa by Michael Szabo

A handy introduction to the unique birdlife of Aotearoa New Zealand, for the backyard, bach, and backpack.

Part of the new Te Papa Te Taiao Nature Series, this accessible, handsomely illustrated guide to Aotearoa New Zealand’s native bird species has wide appeal.

Native Birds of Aotearoa describes sixty of our most interesting species – forest, garden, wetland, coastal, alpine and marine birds – reflecting the range of subtropical, temperate and subantarctic habitats across our islands.

Written by Birds New Zealand editor, Michael Szabo, and with an introduction by Te Papa Curator Vertebrates, Alan Tennyson, it is published in collaboration with Birds New Zealand. Native Birds includes ornithologist notes on each species and insights into the museum’s fieldwork and collections. Charming original illustrations from the 1930s have been complemented in the same style by illustrator Pippa Keel.

Hardback, 144 pages, 18.4 x 12.5cm, published October 2022. 

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