Māori Carving: The Art of Recording Māori History by Huia Publishers

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Māori Carving: The Art of Recording Māori History by Huia Publishers 

Carving is an ancient art form that has been passed down from generation to generation. Developed long before Māori took up writing, carving records genealogy, establishes a tribe's identity, records historical events, preserves stories and communicates Māori knowledge.

This photograph-rich book describes the process of carving, covering the types of materials and tools used, the carving strokes and surface patterns and different regional styles. It shows the range of items carved from meeting houses to musical instruments, waka or canoes, storehouses, weapons and ceremonial items, such as boxes and staffs, and gives detailed information on the carving of wharenui or meeting houses at the epitome of the carver's art.

Softcover, 54 pages, 16 x 25cm, published July 2015. 

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