Forksta made in Papamoa, Aotearoa

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If you want to save time in the garden and improve your soil, then you will love the Crafty Forksta. 

This fork is made from one piece of high strength steel, as well as being electroplated and powder coated for durability. It is strong and pierces the soil as you pull back on the T-bar handle, which is designed to give great control and use your body weight evenly. It is a great all round fork, think broadfork meets garden fork, it penetrates and loosens the soil to get air down deep. The foot bar is wide for a comfortable platform for both feet and the curved tine shape gives strength and helps with the rowing motion of the fork.

The Forksta aerates soil, creates better drainage, supports soil ecology and avoids bringing weed seeds to the surface. The ergonomic design helps to use your body weight and both sides of your body evenly, while keeping your back straight.

The makers recommend double digging your beds initially to give them the best start, then use the Forksta on the bed forever more. If you do follow a no-dig method and have sheet mulched your beds to start them - the Forksta is still a great way to get aeration in there once the beds are established - air makes up good soil structure.

Made by Crafty Gatherer in Papamoa, Aotearoa

The Forksta measures 850mm high x 350mm wide, it has 5x 300mm tines and weighs 3.7kg.


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