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Dish Soap made in The Hawkes Bay, New Zealand

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This dish soap fits inside our wire soap shaker.

Made with all-natural, non-toxic ingredients, this zero waste alternative to dishwashing liquid will leave your dishes sparkling clean and streak free. With citrus essential oils for grease-cutting power.

The soap can also be used as a general kitchen cleaner – simply wipe soap on to a wet cloth and use to clean/wipe down surfaces.

You can also create a liquid surface cleaner/dishwash by grating an entire soap bar and adding it to 250-500ml of boiling water, stir until dissolved and let it sit for 24 hours, stirring occasionally.  At 500ml dilution it  will be runny, but concentrated. This “liquid”  has a short shelf life so use within a month.

Soaps weigh 90-100g each – dimensions (mm): 80 long x 58 wide x 25 deep

One soap should last 2-3 weeks (washing up twice a day)

Ingredients:  Olive oil, water, potato, lye (none left in final product), orange & lemon essential oils.


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