Chilli oil by House of Dumplings, made in Wellington, New Zealand

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Hot chilli oil is made with Szechuan peppercorns by House of Dumplings, in Wellington, New Zealand. You will find this sauce in every Hong Kong noodle soup shop.

Multi-purpose, chilli oil is perfect for roasting, frying or as a salad dressing. Drizzle chilli oil over freshly steamed greens like broccolini and bok choy and sprinkle with sesame seeds, or spice up vegetable and salad dishes, adding an extra kick and depth of flavour. Toss your veggies in it before your next roast for a perfect, all-over golden crisp (and some added spice!). Wake yourself up by adding it to your breakfast. It is delicious over eggs or spread on toast with cream cheese.

House of Dumplings chilli oil is completely vegan with no MSG or flavour enhancers added. Made with The Good Oil, a refined rapeseed oil that is grown and cold-pressed in Canterbury, New Zealand. Cold-pressing means no heat or chemicals are used during the oil extraction process: better for you and the environment.

Ingredients: cold-pressed rapeseed oil, chilli, spices


About House of Dumplings

House of Dumplings was started by Vicky Ha, a Hong Kong New Zealander living in Wellington. During her years of working as a chef in various premises in Wellington, Vicky would invite her chef mates over for dinner. She would make her Mum’s dumplings. There was nothing like that on the market, and her friends would later convince her to start making them commercially.

At her first market stall at the City Market in Wellington, she spent 17 hours making her first batch of dumplings which sold out within two hours.

Vicky attributes the quality of her food to her mother and our natural environment here in New Zealand. She grew up making dumplings with her Mama in a tiny apartment in Hong Kong: "Not only is she the best cook on this planet, but she also taught me how one should respect beautiful ingredients and to always let simple flavours shine. I want to share my mum’s home cooking experience with you. Using the best, freshest and ethical ingredients we can find in Aotearoa." 

Many vegetable and cooking oils on the market are available only as a result of mass deforestation, habitual destruction and chemical pollution of the surrounding soil and water. House of Dumplings is proud to make products that are ethically produced, using locally sourced ingredients.


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