Aroha’s Way by Rebekah Lipp and Craig Phillips

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Aroha’s Way by Rebekah Lipp and Craig Phillips

Aroha’s Way is a bestselling picture book for children around uncomfortable emotions; fear, apprehension, worrying thoughts and nervousness with ways to manage them.

This beautiful picture books takes children on a journey through emotions associated with anxiety and shows simple yet effective ways to help manage them. Aroha shows children a tool that she uses for each emotion which includes; movement or exercise, belly breathing or diaphragmatic breathing, mindfulness and connecting with others and sharing our worries.

At the back of the book, there is a section for parents and/or teachers to explore the tools in more depth. This section expands on the beautiful poem and opens up conversations with our children; asking questions around those emotions can make it easier for children to recognise the emotion, and then a simple way to manage it.

Paperback, 36 pages, 210 x 225mm.

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