Apostle hot sauce made in Paekākāriki, New Zealand, five flavours

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Apostle hot sauce is a range of small batch sauces handmade in Paekākāriki. For Apostle, it's not just about heat. Their hand picked chillies and perfectly balanced spices craft a deep, complex sauce that beautifully complements your meal - not overwhelm it with spice.


Kiwifruit & kawakawa verde

A unique blend of tangy kiwifruit, peppery New Zealand kawakawa and locally grown jalapeños. This piquant verde is great with tacos, fish, roast veggies & more. 

Spicy smoked barbecue

Manuka smoked chipotle & slow roasted onions stewed together in tangy pineapple juice and sweetened with sticky black molasses.

Mango, turmeric & ginger

A blend of succulent mango, refreshing ginger and vibrant turmeric.

Chocolate & manuka chipotle

A deep floral and earthy blend of manuka smoked chipotle and dark cocoa create a rich base for our spectacularly full-flavoured mole poblano inspired hot sauce.

Roasted capsicum & chilli

Slow roasted capsicum and cayenne chillies create a rich, smoky depth of flavour in our take on a classic red hot sauce.



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