Bread knife in three colours by Svord made in Waiuku, New Zealand

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A classic bread knife designed by master cutler Bryan Baker and made by his team of knife makers at Svord. This serrated bread knife is super sharp and cuts bread very well. Made with a stainless steel blade and a poly handle, its edge will remain sharp for years. A must have in every kitchen.

This bread knife will slice through soft loaves without tearing, and easily cut hard breads such as bagels. Its serrated blade is also great for slicing other foods, like tomatoes, with ease.

This also works well as a pastry knife: you can use to lift pastry, as it has a broad blade with curved tip. Also good for cutting cakes and cooked pastries, tarts etc.

Now available with three different coloured handles. Choose from black with a blue spacer (the strip that runs between the two sides of the handle), orange with a black spacer, or white with a black spacer.

Made in Waiuku, Aotearoa by Svord.

About Svord

Bryan Baker, master cutler, started his knife-making company at age 18, in 1983. Made redundant by the untimely demise of an engineering firm, Baker decided to turn a hobby making knives into a practical business making a variety of high quality hunting, kitchen and bread knives at a reasonable price. Staring small, Svord has grown its range of knives over the years and sells to many countries worldwide. The combination of quality Swedish cutlery steel and Baker's process for heat treating and tempering produces the best cutting blades.

Today, the Svord brand is chosen around the world by food-lovers, chefs, campers and hunters alike.

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