Waterproofing beeswax bar made in Whakatāne, Aotearoa

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An excellent product for waterproofing all sorts of outdoor equipment such as tents, jackets, backpacks, hats, horse covers, tramping boots, canvas shoes, fishing and hunting gear - any surface that requires a heavy duty waterproof surface. Great for re-proofing oilskin hats and jackets. This bar is easy to use and ideal for hard to reach seams and stitching. The wax needs to be heated and cured into the fabric for best results. Re-apply every year or two. 

Directions for use

Apply only to a clean, dry surface. Use a cloth to hold the bar and run it back and forth over the surface to create the friction needed to loosen the wax. Ensure the wax has been spread evenly over the surface. Heat the wax into the fabric using either a heat gun, a hair dryer on high setting (good for smaller garments) or an iron set to low synthetic setting. If applying to a large surface area such as a horse cover or tent - best to apply a second coating of wax straight after thoroughly heating the first layer. If the wax layer is white or sticky to touch it has not been cured into the fabric and will not be waterproof. Re-apply heat until correctly cured. Leave overnight to dry and cure before using outdoors. 


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