Skillet by The Solo Blacksmith in three sizes, made in Auckland, Aotearoa

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A hand-made carbon steel chef pan by The Solo Blacksmith, perfect for daily use. Can be used on gas, electric, convection and induction hobs as well as in the oven or over an open fire while camping. 

These pans are much lighter than cast iron making them easier to move around. The long, steel-riveted handles are sturdy and when on the stove-top will stay cool to the touch.

Small: 150mm base diameter, 40mm deep, 200mm lip to lip diameter, 700g.
Medium: 200mm base diameter, 45mm deep, 250mm lip to lip diameter, 1200g.
Large: 250mm base diameter, 50mm deep, 300mm lip to lip diameter, 1600g.


(Instructions from Soloman)

These steel pans get their non-stick corrosion protection from cooking oils. As the metal heats, oils absorb and burn into the surface. When new they should only be used for frying until they have a strong black season then they should be able to take any meals. I recommend putting the pans onto a high heat at the beginning of every use so the seasoning gets better with use. Steel will rust if left unprotected, but if cared for, will only get better with age.

Avoid Rust: Wash pans with hot water only (no dish detergent) and scrub to remove any food residue if necessary, do not leave them to soak. Make sure they are dry before putting them away (I leave my pans in a dish rack to drip dry). If a pan ever becomes rusty its an easy fix, a scouring pad should remove the rust. Then re-season with oil.
Non-stick coating: If a pan ever loses its seasoning (it starts to look dull), bring it to a high heat and apply a thin coat of oil until glossy. Pick an oil with a high smoke point to season-sunflower, ricebran or peanut.

Avoid cooling pans rapidly, this can cause them to warp.


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