Hair care travel kit by Sphaera of Wellington, Aotearoa

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This travel kit contains one mini shampoo bar and one mini conditioner from the Sphaera hair care range, made in Pōneke Welllington, Aotearoa. 

Choose from three options:

Balance + volume

Enriched with activated charcoal, passionfruit seed oil and rice protein to finely exfoliate and refresh the scalp, balance sebum production and enhance the hair with shine, bounce and volume. For fine hair and scalp support. Deep cleansing and micro-exfoliation for volume, strength and shine. Particularly suitable for hair that needs to be washed very frequently, product removal, sebum balance or scalp issues. Light conditioning for fine/thin or straight hair types. 

Hydration + shine

Enriched with apple amino acids, Abyssinian oil and green tea extract to gently cleanse and care for the scalp and impart hydration and shine to the hair. For all hair types. Gentle cleansing and conditioning to smooth, hydrate and protect. Particularly suitable for regular washing 2 to 3 times a week and as a gentle shampoo and conditioner for the whole family.

Nourish + restore

Enriched with hibiscus extract, jojoba oil and pro-vitamin B5 to soothe and nourish the scalp whilst protecting and restoring strength and shine to the hair. For thick, dry or treated hair. Gentle cleansing for curl definition, strength and shine. Particularly suitable for hair that requires infrequent washing, curly, coily and natural hair types. 

All bars are colour safe.

Select your travel kit as a response to the condition of – and desired results for – your scalp, taking into consideration your original hair type and texture.

Directions for use:

Shampoo: Soak hair deeply. Glide wet shampoo bar from the hairline to the nape several times. Use water to build lather, working gently into the scalp and down the hair lengths. Rinse well. Conditioner: Following shampoo, glide wet conditioning bar over the hair lengths. Comb fingers through till the hair feels silky, then squeeze gently, pressing the conditioner on. Leave for 1-3 minutes, then rinse well.


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