Small Ironclad pan made in Auckland, New Zealand

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A classic Ironclad pan in a handy smaller size, known as the Lil' Legacy. Like all Ironclad cookware, the Lil’ Legacy is made from recycled T100 iron and hand-poured to order. This pan is designed to withstand three generations of daily use. With the right preparation and a little care, your pan will just get better with age.

All Ironclad cookware arrives fresh from the foundry unseasoned - because unseasoned means no paint or chemicals. Instructions for seasoning your pan can be found here, and written instructions come with your pan. 

200mm diameter (single meal/sauce pan)
45mm high sides


Package includes:
50ml bottle of Marlborough Grapeseed Oil to pre-season your pan, a lightweight cotton bag for simple storage, your Three Generation Guarantee™️ contract, printed Use & Care instructions


See also our Ironclad original pan in a larger size.

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