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Bamboo Charcoal made in Nelson, New Zealand

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Use this charcoal to filter your drinking water. Add one stick to a jug / bottle of water, wait 15-20 minutes and your water will be filtered and taste delicious! You can simply leave the stick in your jug and refill when required. Yes it gets rid of that chlorine taste! Price is for 3 - 4 sticks depending on size and each stick can be reused for about one month.

Using charcoal to filter water etc is very common in Japan. This bamboo charcoal is made with locally grown bamboo by Japanese couple Seiji and Kazuyo. Seiji learnt bamboo charcoal in Japan with the famous bamboo charcoal maker, Megumi Niino before they moved to New Zealand in 1991. Lucky NZ! 

Other uses include filtering sulphates from wine, putting amongst your fruit to keep fresh or simply as a deodoriser for a room. 


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