Reusable bread bag made in Christchurch, Aotearoa

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This size is perfect for a loaf of bread, you can use this bag over and over again. It feels like paper but ages like leather. These hand crafted sammy bags offer a light and washable design that the paper version but should last five years instead of five minutes.

To clean: made with washable Kraft paper, simply brush out the crumbs, wipe off the stickies, or pop it in the washing machine with your tea towels for a sweeter clean.

A little more info about washable Kraft paper: Like the name suggests, it is washable paper. You’ve probably come across it once before, remember when Levis changed from leather patches on the back of their jeans to that brown papery patch? That’s the stuff and that’s why you can throw these bags into the wash, time and time again and not have it get damaged.

It is made up of 60% cellulose and 30% latex – not suitable for people with a latex allergy.

37cm long × 30Cm wide × 0.5cm thick